I’m still here…

Working on this chapter is being a pain. The transition from Dallas to Shreveport is plaguing me. You guys really are the best. I have gotten so much support from you all, it could bring a gal to tears. Just a little advise. Cause I totally would be Jedi Betty White if I could….right…..

Chapter 11

Hi all! Oh my Goodness. I had the best of times and the worst of times stuck in a 28 ft RV with wait for it…….4 kids and 2 other adults. If we would have done one more day someone would be finding bodies all over South Dakota. I stayed at two different campsites. One had a public shower and bathroom, cool right? Wrong! The water was well water and I swear it smelled as if I had stuck  copper or iron up my nose. I unfortunately taste everything I come across. Like when I am driving down the road and God forbid a skunk gets ran over….I have learned that lemonade is amazing!
Ok enough with the whining. Here is chapter 11 for you all. 

One More Thing Happy BIRTHDAY TO ME! I am 22 for the 20th time….


Gabbieannies first post!

Well I am a huge fan of the SSVM (Sookie Stackhouse). Also I love True Blood on HBO. With that said I am disappointed in both. I think the jumped the shark or nuked the fridge. Charlene Harris has been quoted saying that she wasn’t a fan of our beloved Eric Northman, I know shocking right!

Ok so now that that is out I have been writing on FF.n and have not given up on that yet.